(Read) Other Shipping Info


Prices displayed were correct as of December 3rd 2015. Postage prices may be amended at any time, however if an order has been placed and paid for, the specific postage price included within the order will not be affected.

Prices displayed for each country can be generalised further, for example, the generalised categories are UK (Inc NI,CI & IOM), Europe and Worldwide, however other specific countries may be added if required.

Vampyre Heart will not be responsible for any lost or damaged goods. However, if you would like your shipment sent as tracked or recorded, this can be arranged for an additional price. As an example, a Worldwide CD shipment will cost £4 standard postage and tracked will cost approximately £9 (some countries may differ depending on the postal service within that region.)

Another example is a Book sent to USA will cost £12.95 standard postage and tracked will cost approximately £17.20.

Please be aware that postal services do experience delays at certain times. However, as an example, a CD or Book sent within the UK 1st class should arrive within 1-2 working days, although you should allow 3-5 days in case of delays (excluding weekends). For European orders, these should arrive within 3 days, but allow 5-7 days. For USA, Australia and most other Worldwide destinations, these should arrive within 5 days, but allow 7-10 days. Seasonal delays may apply.

If you have any other postal requirements, require a bulk order, or would like your product tracked, then do let us know using the contact link.